I should start with: I was born.. but that sounds too official and serious and Goodjoge never does anything officially and seriously. So I was born at Valkyrie's night (that date in Russia is also Great Day of All working people and proletariat). In my childhood every birthday I was watching demonstrations of Happy working People passing by my house at my Birthday. So I was sure that they are doing that because of the fact of my appearance in this World.

Growing up I started dreaming about career in show business, I was listening to the music and wanted to compose myself. The problem was I did not have any musical education.But I spoke few languages cause of my school trips to France and Benelux.

My father wanted me to be orientalist like himself, I was eager to be a journalist. He told me that all journalist's trouble was not to sleep in their own bed. I started my oriental studies at Moscow State University and my career of trance-music DJ in Moscow night clubs. At the same time I was studying jihad history and Arabic lexicology and playing "Eye Q" music in Moscow underground. At that period a revelation entered into my head: I realised that it's too boring to sleep always in my own bed. The only rule that we acepted at that time was "Life is too short! So don't kill your time for sleeping. Don't sleep at all!!".
In 1997 Russian rave dance culture went into great decay and for me DJ'ng became road to nowhere. At that time I was working for one of Moscow TV channels making programs about nightlife. So I started working as journalist.
In 1998 we went to Crimea to make a special report from famous dance music festival "Kazantip" at the Crimea Atomic Station. It was the beginning of realisation of my great journalist plans. But the financial crisis in August 1998 crossed all plans and I became non-employed journalist, No work, no place where to write... For a year I was a free-lancer working for 6 newspapers and magazines to earn the living. When the situation in the country stabilized in 1999 I became the musical observer of the popular Moscow weekly magazine "Vash Dosug" ("Your Spare Time and Entertainment") writing about new CD-releases, musical events, musicians etc. At the same time I was offered to work as PR-manager of the famous Russian pop-group "Ruki Vverh!" ("Hands Up!") and their label "B-Funky Productions", as well of the group "Turbomoda" that they produced.
In February 2001 I quitted my work in "B-Funky" and started making Pr for one of the most prominent and strong Russian recording companies "Real Records"... All that music... all that life.. all that Goodjoge...

First of all I like the Goodjoge life style: no sleep, Internet,friends, parties, making love on the beach, no drugs except old lady Mary Jane, Alcohol sea and full ash-trays all over the homeplace...And always music, music, music... The end of all that is not very important... Goodjoge!!!
I'm fond of New Age, World Music, Gothic Rock, Dead Can Dance , Mike Oldfield, David Arkenstone, Therion, Trance Music, Iggy Pop, Billy Idol, Gorillaz, Rammstein, Ravi Shankar, Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Niagara, The Clash, Sisters of Mercy, Erasure, Yma Sumac, Nino Rota... no end...
I'm fond of Kurt Wonnegut and Louis de Funes, Stanislavskiy and Buster Keaton, Sergey Eisentein and Charlie Chaplin, Antonio Gaudi and Federico Fellini, Oleg Tepzov and Baron Munchausen... no end
I like drawing and maybe U'll see some comic pictures here or hear some site soundtrack from Goodjoge...
I don't like cold but prefer to go all over the world in warm countries, of course.

Something is worth being mentioned on my site...

I've got an idee fix: if I' m taking camera, I'm loosing my mind, SO MAYBE ...


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